Thanksgiving 2020

In this new world of COVID, everything that we’re used to has changed. I can’t remember a time before now where we’ve been asked to limit how many people join us around the table for thanksgiving dinner or cancel regular activities altogether. Officials have recommended limiting your house guests, opening windows while you eat, or even eating outside. Now, we might be able to get away with eating outside here in Texas, temperatures are relatively mild, but I’m not sure folks up North could pull that off. The thought of enjoying a turkey dinner outside in the frigid air, possible snow under your feet, teeth chattering, with cold mashed potatoes, cold gravy, and being all bundled up doesn’t sound too appealing.

Holiday recipes fill the internet, but we tend to stick with a traditional menu in our house. I think most people do. I may get ‘my fancy on’ and try something new, but I know if I stray too far from the food I usually serve, noses will turn up, and the complaints from the kids will be neverending. It’s funny how they like tradition more than they realize, somethings, thank goodness, never change. As the turkey cooks, side dishes are prepared, and all the different aromas fill the house, everyone piles into the kitchen. I’m as grateful for these moments as I am when we actually sit down together. It’s where the chatter turns into conversations that you never forget.

Regardless of how you celebrate this year, it’s safe to say Thanksgiving for most people will proceed as usual. You may not have everyone in your home that you usually would, but you can keep those missing in your thoughts and enjoy the company of those that are present. Keep those less fortunate in your prayers, and if possible, reach out to your local community food bank and donate. Time is always a gift you can give others during the holidays, and remember, despite the unusual circumstances 2020 has thrown at everyone, we still have plenty of things to be thankful for this year.

We’re devastated to learn that our precious daughter, who should have joined us for Thanksgiving, has caught the virus and is quarantined on campus. I can’t bear the thought of her being alone, and though I’ll prepare the food for the rest of our family, I doubt I’ll even be able to sit at the table. As soon as she’s able to come home, we will smoother in hugs and kisses, and of course, prepare another Thanksgiving meal for her. 2020 has been a nightmare, has it not?!

*Prayers and thoughts for those who have lost loved ones will miss their special person(s) around the table this year.*

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Amanda M. Thrasher