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The Greenlee Project is a Gold Recipient of the Mom’s Choice Awards® and has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards®.

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Readers Favorite® Five Star Review – “The Greenlee Project by Amanda thrasher is a brilliantly written story… is an eye opening, powerfully written book that I highly recommend for teenagers, faculty, and parents. Well done!” I’m absolutely grateful this reviewer ‘saw’ / ‘read’ what I intended my audience to read. Click on the link below to read the full review.

The Greenlee Project Review
NTBF Award: The Sixteenth Annual North Texas Book Festival (NTBF ) awards The Greenlee Project First Place for YA and General Fiction.

Greenlee Lynn Granger is about to find out the meaning of technology used as a malicious tool: a normal teen one day, and ruined the next. Who knew a boy’s affections could turn her life into such turmoil? Becoming a designated project, a joke in front of the whole school, turns Greenlee’s life upside down. What she does next is shocking. An emotional glimpse into the reality of cyber bullying : cruel betrayal of such magnitude devastates Greenlee. Greenlee knows her choices will determine the future of her abusers. Her relationship with her family and friends strained, she’s forced to make mature decisions. Cyber bullying affects the victims and everyone who surrounds them. What a waste: what path will Greenlee, her persecutor, and family take?

We have all seen the devastating and lasting effects upon children, teens, their families, and the community at large, due to bullying and cyber bullying. This book sheds light on the effect that the bullying act has not only on the victim but also on the families of the victim and the bully, teachers, communities, friends and the person acting as the bully. Greenlee’s strength, courage and determination to stand up and right this grievous wrong is encouraging and inspiring. Greenlee could be any girl, anywhere, in America. And Clay Monning, a star athlete, could be any parent’s great kid. Peer pressure, bad decisions with horrific consequences, changes everything for both of them. Good kids, turned bad. How? Social media.


Clay Monning – Star Athlete. One bad decision, and it all goes wrong.

“The Greenlee Project is a touching and chilling cautionary tale that every teen should read. Amanda Thrasher gives us interesting and compelling characters, a well-crafted plot, and a breathless pace. Her teens are so real that you will feel you know them personally. Normal adolescent insecurity and thirst for acceptance trumps friendship and consideration, leading to a nightmare: a runaway chain of uncaring, unflattering, and unmerciful photos and posts, threatens to destroy friendships and careers. Technology magnifies the worst instincts of the people involved while the victims must decide how to face up to their tormentors. Teens will find The Greenlee Project a compelling read and a helpful guide, while adults will see the challenges today’s teens face. This is a grand and important story.” David A. Bedford PhD Instructor of Spanish at TCU


I finished Greenlee Project this past weekend and really liked it! I love the way you kept the reader in suspense from the very beginning and I know that’s a great hook for reluctant readers in high school. I also appreciated that you gave just enough information to know what was going on, but didn’t get overly graphic for the shock value. I think your book is a big hit and we are adding it to our collection today. I will start talking it up to the patrons. – Sue Ellen Shaw – Director at East Parker County Library

The Greenlee Project is a captivating fictional story addressing critical real-life issues that tweens and teens face today. Bullying and cyber-bullying are part of our society today that has had tragic consequences for many.  Amanda Thrasher, is a talented author, who has delivered a story that is both compelling and also thought-provoking.  You can feel the emotions of each of the characters as the story unfolds along this journey. It will leave you with the desire to change the world around you and to talk to others about the increasing severity of bullying and cyber-bullying. With the discussion questions included, this is an excellent choice for  book-clubs and middle school language arts classes. Such a critical and important story. – Lisa Robinson

This is one book that cannot be ignored!
By E. Nieman on April 10, 2014
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

I was blown away by The Greenlee Project. You hear so much about bullying and things that teenagers deal with online these days. This book tells the story of several teens dealing with pressure in startlingly different ways. The story has made me think about what someone in these situations could, should or are even capable of doing at such a young age. It’s been a few week since I finished the book, and I’m still thinking about how real the characters are. You feel like you could meet any of them at any high school any where. This book is great for any age group, but teens and their parents should definitely read The Greenlee Project. – E. Nieman

By Sherry on April 9, 2014
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Amanda Thrasher eloquently allows us a peek at the real-life challenges that our teens face on a daily basis. Bullying is a serious problem with our young people, and the book takes you on a roller coaster ride through the emotional trauma that it causes. This book not only focuses on the bullying problem, but it also focuses on the origination of the bullying act itself and how peer pressures can cause an otherwise respectable young person to make bad choices. Teens want to be popular, pretty, thin …etc, and they will go to great lengths to do what they feel necessary to gain the acceptance of their peers without giving much thought to the consequences of their actions. The book also sheds light on the affect that the bullying act has on the families, teachers, communities, and friends of not only the person being bullied, but also the person acting as the bully.
The Greenlee Project is a wonderful book about a terrible subject. It’s hard to read this book without feeling sad, then angry, then empathetic, then proud. – Sherry

By Karen H. Vaughan on April 18, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition

Greenlee Lynn Granger is an average high school student about to face the most humiliating experience of her life because of what Clay Monning and his teammates did.
The subject matter of cyber-bullying is sad and disgusting. A young girl’s abject humiliation at the hands of her peers is a lesson to be learned that bullying of any kind is just WRONG. Ms. Thrasher has chosen a hot-button topic that needs even more attention due to the rash of bullying across the continent. As a reader I empathized with the victim and wanted to reach into the book and throttle the perpetrators. The author could have just ended the story with the girl as the victim and the guilty parties getting their just punishments but what she does to send a message is a surprise. The ending made me shout out YOU GO GIRL!
This is a book that should be studied in middle grades and high-school as part of a social studies or health program. Kids being bullied read this along with those engaging in the activity. Well written and poignant, recommend that you have a box of tissues handy as you read it. THE GREENLEE PROJECT is a five star read and one of the best Young adult novels I have ever read!

An emotional roller coaster ride through the causes and effects of bullying

Quick and insightful read!

By Caroline Dixon on March 22, 2014
Format: Paperback

Amanda provides an insightful look into prevalent issues facing children and teens. Peer pressure and bullying are very real. Amanda weaves a great story to illustrate how one young group and their families deal with these social challenges. I highly recommend this for young families to read together and share!

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A page-turner!
By Sara on February 4, 2014

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Amanda keeps you on the edge of your seat as she describes and addresses an unfortunate issue that younger generations face as they deal with growing up, peer pressure, and this ever-growing age of technology. It’s a good read for teens and their parents, with great lessons to learn!



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