Do YOU feel NORMAL yet?

amanda m thrasherWe are three and half months into the new year, 2021, and things are just now starting to feel normal around here, at least to me, anyway. It seems as if we’ve been in a holding pattern for over a year here at PRPP, and in reality, we have.

We took drastic strategic steps to ensure the survival of our organization, as I would imagine many small companies did. It was not without sacrifice, and like most small businesses during the horrific year of 2020, it was the sacrifice of all that ensured the company’s very survival.

It is safe to say the decisions that the owners, executives, and most importantly, the authors made together brought us safely to the other side. We can now implement the last major change and get back to work knowing we’re in a healthy, stable position within our core industry.

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For our company size, tiny, and all being authors, the fact we can work together and pull through such a turbulent year speaks volumes to the character of the authors that we represent. That character shines through their work. Unique work is often found in small presses such as ours, where the environment encourages the writer(s) to create not just marketable work but also to remain true to themselves and write what they love; this is important.

Loyalty is something I value and respect. Those that made it with us through the most challenging year we’ve ever had will be rewarded with a publishing home, no questions asked, for as long as they choose to stay on board. I am confident our authors will continue to write, shine, and create the incredible art we’re used to providing our loyal readers without the fear of rejection. They’ve earned that right.

Finding the necessary creative juices to write during last year’s craziness seemed impossible to me, but now, as the light shines brightly at the end of the tunnel, writing once again comes easy and is enjoyable. Adding the fourth book to my Mischief series is a blast and honestly as much fun to write as it is for young readers to read. Such an adventure, especially after the last few books that I wrote; they were pretty intense. Writing and creating, finally, is coming with ease once again.

Exciting changes are taking place around here, PRPP, and announcements will come soon, but for now, we look forward to getting back to work and completing our routines full speed ahead! Stay tuned, as they say; more news on the way!









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