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Like most people, I’ve been tuning in a lot more lately to the local news. Sometimes it can be quite

Early Morning Run.

depressing, but I watch it faithfully anyway. They’ve recently discussed employees that were forced to work from home during COVID, returning to work. Fortunately, most new to staying at home workers were pleasantly surprised, finding their temporary arrangement suited them just fine. In fact, they stated their productivity wasn’t affected at all; in some cases, it actually increased due to fewer distractions.

Now that the employees are starting to return to their regular places of employment, after the freedom of working from home, many are stating that they’d like to work from home permanently. Some employers even agree that the employees performed just as well, if not better, working from home and could save the companies thousands upon thousands of dollars in lease space and overhead if they changed their policies and permanently allowed their employees to work from home.

Home Office

I’ve worked from home for so long that I’ve taken this freedom for granted. Listening to others talk about how they wished they could continue to work from home reminds me of how grateful I am. Having the freedom to start my day with a leisurely run, shower, dress, sip my coffee, and not rush out the door, feels like a gift. Am I busy? Yes. But it’s a different ‘feel’ when everything I need is at my fingertips or in the vicinity of where I’m located.

I still prepare as if I was leaving, even though I answer to myself because it helps keep my mind focused. Admittedly, I’m guilty of multitasking throughout the day. Stop. Throw in a load of laundry. Stop. Start the dishwasher. Stop. Visit with my dad, who lives with us. Stop. Play with the dogs…I know, tooooo fun! That said, everything on my daily list does get accomplished by days end.

I hope that we adapt to this new normal, whatever that is, and if that means that businesses start to allow their employees to work from home without penalty, then I hope employees will enjoy the experience as much as I do. Granted, some people can not work from home; they need the activity, love to socialize, and can’t stand the distractions of household tasks. There’s nothing wrong with that; everyone is different, and that’s a good thing.

Puppy Break

But we all know how quickly life passes us by, and working from home allows us to enjoy the little things. I might be working, but I can always stop and visit with my grandkids if they drop by. I might be working, but if dad wants to chat (he’s 85), I can stop. I understand that not everyone can work from home, but if given the opportunity, I’d highly recommend it. #littlethings #writingfromhome #authorlife

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