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Like most authors, before one project heads to layout, the next book is already being planned. Sometimes it’s completely mapped out, storyline, characters, and plot twist, the works. Other times its mere ideas jotted down. Either way, the next project or two are well defined. What happens when a new WIP sits before you, outlined, the characters all named and in place, timeline set, the first couple of chapters started, and all of a sudden another idea consumes your thoughts? Well, you have no choice but to write two books at once, right, well for some authors this is true. I tend to jot down the idea and set it aside.

Now, I’m not opposed to writing two books at once, but I have to be conscious of my time and mindset. Time is limited, and one’s mindset, while you write, is an important factor. Writing two different genres can be an issue. Losing myself in fantasy pieces is awesome, but having to pull my mind back into the throes of the emotional roller coaster of a reality piece can be challenging.

As much as I would love to whip out novels as fast as other writers, I know that I can’t. Family and work are real factors that take up the vast majority of my time. My writing schedule is vital to me, and I continue to write and share what I do, but my family will always come first. My books will get written, written to the best of my ability, and always available. The greatest thing about being an author – doing what you want in regards to the work that you produce, and that is always fun!

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