Trick or Treat? Celebrating At Home

Trick or Treat?

October is right around the corner—cooler weather, hot chocolate, and of course, Halloween. What will Halloween look like during a pandemic? Many cities have already canceled Halloween’s typical festivities, such as Haunted Houses, large parties, and have even gone as far as recommending kids bypass trick or treating altogether. Personally, given the circumstances, I think sitting it out this year isn’t a bad idea, not sure how my grandkids feel about that, but we’ll see.

If you decide to celebrate, what can you do to keep your kids safe during these unusual times? Start by trying to keep your house party small, family-only, if at all possible, or people you spend time with regularly. Small groups, ten and under, I believe, is the ongoing recommendation. Kids young enough to enjoy trick or treating can still enjoy Halloween within the safety of your own home; get creative. Award a prize for the best costume; parents can join in, which always adds to the fun. Create spooky recipes ahead of time or together since things are different this year. Caramel Apples, always a hit, as are Witch Finger Cookies, No-Bake Strawberry Cheesecake (one of my favorites), but how about turning it into a spooky brain? Cooking together is always fun, and you can find these recipes and more on the Food Network Halloween Page. Here: 

As far as activities go, there’s plenty to do. Cornhole, kids love it. Apple bobbing never gets old—water, kids, and apples! Twister. Who doesn’t love to get tangled up? Pin the stalk on the pumpkin (how’s that for Halloweenish). Halloween movies, kid-friendly, of course. Carving and painting pumpkins—that will kill tons of time, and the kids love it. Have a prize for the best pumpkin afterward. You can even collect the seeds and bake them (not sure if they need to be dried out or not first), but I do know you toss the seeds in melted butter and salt. Bake at 300 degrees for about 40-45 minutes, stirring now and then, and enjoy.

So even though COVID has taken a toll on all of us and changed how we’re doing things at this time, we can still find creative ways to enjoy Halloween with our kids and grandkids, safely. I hope, like everyone, things will return to normal soon, but for now, this new normal is the safest route for everyone. I’m already checking out these recipes, so many options.

Enjoy your family, and Happy Halloween in advance.

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