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Addressing the parents, staff and teachers, after a signing and 3 day work shop.

Read fan comments and reviews from various followers and institutions about Amanda M. Thrasher’s works and appearances.

Reviewed By Kim Anisi ~ Readers’ Favorite

BITTER BETRAYAL is a very well written story and I went through the chapters in almost no time. I am no longer a teenager or even a young adult, but I enjoyed reading about Payton, Reece, and the other teens – though I have to admit that I was really glad the author gave the full meaning of certain text message abbreviations. I would otherwise not have understood some of them (shows my age). The story is quite authentic and I can easily imagine these kind of things happening for real. I think this novel is great for young readers to teach them about what kinds of consequences certain behavior could have, e.g. drinking too much and being in the wrong place at the wrong time under the wrong circumstances. A book like this would be great for English literature lessons in schools – it could be used to start discussions and teach kids the importance of honesty and taking responsibility for your own actions. There are many lessons to be learned from Payton and I feel that kids these days often do not get these lessons from anybody, and then have to learn these things the hard and painful way.

Reviewed By Ankita Shula for Readers’ Favorite

Bitter Betrayal by Amanda M. Thrasher is a book with a purpose. She aims at educating teenagers about how their idea of “just having fun” can actually spoil their future. Payton, a sixteen-year-old teenager, is head-over-heels in love with Reece, a senior at a different school. In her head, she can see herself marrying Reece and spending the rest of her life with him. As romantic as it sounds, their teenage love — like any other love — has its own share of problems. Although Reece keeps trying to go all the way with Payton, she respectfully declines him every time. She is not ready to go down that road, just yet. She second guesses her decision every now and then, but is determined to wait until she is ready. Trouble knocks on their door when the coach’s daughter, Stacie, enters their lives. The green eyed monster is blinding Payton with jealousy and this is affecting her romantic life with Reece.

The author, Amanda M. Thrasher, has highlighted one very important problem that follows when teenagers consume alcohol. Being a teenager is difficult enough as it is, but adding alcohol doesn’t make it any easier. The book is not just about the after effects of consuming alcohol; it also focuses on how it might impact the teenagers and their families. With the social media boom, can any secret remain buried for long? Bitter Betrayal is written in a very impressive style. Payton’s conflicting thoughts and inner struggles would seem relatable to every teenage girl who is in love. There are so many emotions to deal with that Payton finds herself mostly overwhelmed. Reece, like any other teenage boy, finds his girlfriend’s emotions annoying and irrational. He is, however, not a negative character. He respects Payton’s decision to wait until she is ready. He doesn’t push her to give in to his desires. There is a lot to learn from this book. I wish that parents would encourage their teenagers to read Bitter Betrayal and learn from it. An impressive plot, excellent story-telling, and smooth development of the story make this very readable.

The Greenlee Project by Amanda M. Thrasher – The Greenlee Project is a captivating fictional story addressing critical real-life issues that tweens and teens face today. Bullying and cyber-bullying are part of our society today that has had tragic consequences for many.  Amanda Thrasher, is a talented author, who has delivered a story that is both compelling and also thought-provoking.  You can feel the emotions of each of the characters as the story unfolds along this journey. It will leave you with the desire to change the world around you and to talk to others about the increasing severity of bullying and cyber-bullying. With the discussion questions included, this is an excellent choice for  book-clubs and middle school language arts classes. Such a critical and important story. – Lisa Robinson, CFLE, OK

The Ghost of Whispering Willow by Amanda M. Thrasher – will capture middle school and older readers with its fast-moving plot and likable characters. Suffused with warmth and love, it provides a theme that is largely missing in the world of books but sorely needed. Two best friends learn to accept the cooperation of four girls as they attempt to befriend the ghosts they think they have sighted. The success of their efforts puts the kids in the middle of an intense battle they never could have envisioned. All is achieved without the direct help of parents, making the children learn resourcefulness.

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Three of the actual characters, Krista, Alley & Kendall

The plot is well constructed as it is paced intelligently and maintains the reader’s interest. One element of the clever crafting can be found on page 124: it is the very middle page of the book and on it the major turn in the plot occurs. I first discovered this middle page phenomenon in the French author Pierre Loti, in his novel Pêcheur d’Islande (Iceland Fisherman). The main character’s younger brother, who had been injured in Viet Nam is returning to France on a hospital boat, but dies precisely when the boat passes the Equator on the longest day of the year, at the moment the sun dips under the horizon, at the middle of the world in the middle of the year, precisely at the middle page of the novel. I thought it was amazing, maybe unique. But years later, I found in Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose what is most central to the theme of the book happening on the very middle page and I have found something similar in a few other books. This is the mark of a writer and I have found it again. Some of the most solid literature these days is being written for children and teens. The Ghost of Whispering Willow joins the list. – David A. Bedford, Ph.D. Instructor of Spanish- TCU  



Genre: Children’s  Title:   Sadie’s Fairy Tea Party

Sadie has a fairy friend named Violet, who visits when everyone else is asleep. Violet has a talent for fixing things with her fairy dust. She prepares a lovely tea party for Sadie with Rose Hip teaFan Comments and Teacakes Fan Commentsand Sadie is very impressed. She is surprised when Violet gives her a fairy friendship gift. The moral of the story is kindness, appreciation and friendship, all very valuable life lessons The story is short and very sweet with enchanting illustrations. At the end of the story is a question and answer section for parents to ask the child. This encourages listening and comprehension and is a definite asset to the book. This is followed by a coloring section and an activity page, where the child can be involved in making a lovely craft. I know my granddaughters will love this little book. Highly Recommended by Reviewer:  Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review Int.



Dear Amanda,

My name is Jeremy McNair, Fan Commentsand I am the Site Director for the YMCA program at Butler Elementary School. This past Monday, you came and spoke to my students about your books and the writing processes behind them. The past two days since then have been completely filled with the kids telling me how much they learned from and enjoyed your presentation. I wish I could take the time to tell you every story, but I’ve typed up several of the letters that they’ve written to you and copied them to the end of this email. Your drive and passion were well received and noted by all the children and staff, and I know that your impact will resonate in a huge way in all of their lives. Thank you so much for your dedication to your craft, but even more than that, thank you for sharing it with the children at Butler. They were left truly inspired.

– Jeremy McNair




I wanted to thank you for your visits with our students. Your words definitely had an effect on our kids. They have been so energized since your visits. Personally, my daughter Cailey was inspired by your work. She was on line last night researching you and talking about your life and story and how she wanted to be a writer someday.

Thanks again for providing inspiration with your work.

Mike Cobb

Head of Middle School
Director of Summer Programs at Oakridge

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Getting back to basics; because, simplicity is a beautiful thing









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Beautiful kids, making fairy wings.









Fan CommentsI want to thank you again for visiting Ashworth. The kids were still talking about it the next day. I’m sure you have inspired some future writers. I hope your new book goes well – looking forward to reading it.

Patty Pardue

Ashworth Elementary





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Working from home, the work is never done.

Ms. Thrasher,

I just heard your presentation to one of our grade levels and I am so inspired! I grew up loving to write and writing silly stories about our family. My life long dream is to someday publish a children’s book. Thank you for speaking to us about the writing process and your encouragement!


Lucy Vasquez
Parkway Elementary




Exciting News: Barnes and Noble, Inc. Small Press Department

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Small Press Department, Barnes & Noble, Inc. NY, bought ‘The Greenlee Project.’