Mischief in the Mushroom Patch – Book 1

#amwriting. It’s a hashtag writers/author use all the time when they’re working on new pieces. I haven’t honestly been able to use or say that for a long time! However, after drastically changing my life, business, and personal, I’ve taken steps to take back a real writing schedule. Sure, I’ve talked about it in the past, what writer/author hasn’t? Keeping a writing schedule is essential for any author; daily writing is a task that should be a part of our regular day. Unfortunately, my days had drifted from that, writing daily, which is something that brings me such joy.

It is incredible how rejuvenated one feels when they fall in love again with their first passion—writing. Reintroducing myself with the characters that I created initially is entertaining, even for me, and I know everything about them. Rereading past works, ensuring I have names correct, places, scenes, is inspiring. New ideas rush through my mind, and I can’t wait to write them down.  I ask myself, “Where have you been, this side of you? You’ve been gone too long.” And, “Welcome back.” My mind is at peace as it drifts continually in search of how my characters will do it, why they do it, and what they will do next—scenes playing out in my head that must be believable to my audience/readers. Of course, fairies have a secret quarry deep in the forest where they mine for unique rocks, produce fairy dust in a dust factory, and have a master elder add the magic once the dust has been milled perfectly. Where on earth do you think fairies get their fairy dust? How fun it is to create adventures for children to read!

A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch – Book 2

I’m certain this must happen all the time to other writers because it happens to me daily. My family will look across the room and state they see my mind at work. “Your wheels are turning,” they say. “What are you thinking about?” Or, “Did you even hear me?” I can always recite back every word they’ve said, but yes, my mind was at work on something else. It’s Lilly, Boris, and Jack, and the mischief they tend to drum up, accidentally, of course (The Mischief Series). I wish I could explain how exhilarating it is, creating an adventure that children love, so exciting. Currently, I’m writing the fourth book of The Mischief Series.

I believe it’s safe to say that I think about this book morning, noon, and night. My characters— love them, where they live—setting, my story—plot, the conflict that the story is built around, the climax, and of course, how will I wrap up the story—resolution, and leave the door open for the next one? After that, what will my next book be?

Spider Web Scramble in the Mushroom Patch – Book 3

Joy. I feel complete joy and satisfaction again. If you’re a writer/author who no longer writes as you know you should, do something drastic and change your life. I did. I took back writing time and have no regrets. Danger in the Mushroom Patch, book four of The Mischief Series, will be my next release. Stay tuned as they say; the adventure continues. Copyright © 2020 Amanda M. Thrasher 😊