What’s Your Inspiration?

Lilly- original figurine

Many writers have something that either motivates or inspires them while they write. For some, it’s a particular genre of music they play, others it’s a favorite place to write, for some it’s a cherished knick-knack on their desk, while others it’s a specific item of clothing that they only wear, such as a cardigan, while working on their new novel/piece. For me, when writing my fairy chapter books from my beloved Mischief Series, it’s beautiful fairy figurines that inspire me.

It’s fitting really that these little figurines inspire me so much, after all, the Mischief Series was based upon one of my favorite little collectibles. In fact, I built my main character around her, Lilly. The little fairy stands but 6inch tall. She’s delicate and, of course, dressed in pink. Lilly—always dressed in sparkly pink ruffles no matter what the author, moi, could choose to write for her attire.

My collection kinda revolves around this particular figurine, who has now become the main character, Lilly. She came all the way from England, a gift to my mom from her sister. When I wrote the first Mischief book, Mischief in the Mushroom Patch, my mom wanted me to have the little fairy figurine that sat above her bed on her headboard in her bedroom. Instinctively I placed her on my desk. She’d sit there as if watching me as I wrote, and each time I glanced in her direction, I could only imagine what she’d be up to if she were surrounded by other fairies deep in the forest where I had now created a new home and life for her and her friends.

Closing my eyes made it easy to visualize her dancing on a lily pad in the middle of the brook as her friends surely flew around her. If I concentrated hard enough, I could jot down the sound of their beautiful giggles echoing through the forest as they played. It wasn’t long before Lilly had a friend sitting next to her on my desk. Another figurine, an elder, surely this had to be Mademoiselle Francesca—the wise, sophisticated elder that watched over the young fairlings. 😊

I’m certain I will continue to add to my now ever-growing collection, and you can bet that each time I write a fairy chapter book, there is a fairy figurine sitting by my side. Writers—we all have our thing. What’s yours?


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