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Shades of pink and aqua, don’t be afraid, do it!

Amanda M. ThrasherI have worked with many people over the years that think like this; black and white or this and that. They are often analytical, work strategically and are good at what they do. I often work the same way; strategically and analytically. However, I do find that thinking in shades of pinks, aqua’s or how about’s and what if’s, could this work, if we do’s and why not’s? Modify here, leave that alone and figure it out, are not only productive but fun and exhilarating too. Especially the why not’s? Also, let’s figure it out!

Being told at times that I push the envelope, think outside of the box, and create scenarios that most wouldn’t have thought of, especially with limited tools and in odd situations, by some as if I should find it offensive, while others are wondering how to do the same. For the record, I do not find it offensive mainly because I do not know how to operate any other way. Lightening Source Ingram - Meeting

I manage to work with this type of voluntary mental organization, both in my personal writing style and my business, by thinking of techniques and compartmentalizing the process along the way. Some people cannot compartmentalize a couple of things, let alone many at one time. Particularly in two different fields, business, and creative writing. People tend to become vested too much one way or the other, emotionally, limiting the exploration of various angles or business approach that could ultimately produce different results. Black and white or mediocre gray, pink and yellow, or aqua and teal type thinking, are fundamental explanations of the sort of thought process that I am describing. Different.

I have found over the years, business and writing, never to think as my neighbor would or to ask myself what someone else would do regarding a story line or project. Will my results be as good as others or better? I honestly never know. However, I understand any decision that I make, me, will be my own. So far, results have been promising, productive and often successful. If I make a mistake, I claim it. Own it. Fix it. Learn from it, and most importantly move on.

I have found many people can be busy being busy, but they do not seem to get a lot done. Never confuse activity with achievement. Results will always speak for themselves. Think in different shades, and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Push that envelope or have people refer to you as crazy from time to time. Crazy often gets a lot done. Why? Because no one else seems to want to go there; mentally nor physically. However, mark my words, once the results start to roll in, and your peers note achievements and people are paying attention to what you are doing, you will know it is because you dared to think for yourself and take risks that everyone else was afraid to take. You made something happen. Now, what you make happen, you have to decide.

Shades of pink and aqua, don’t be afraid, do it!

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Amanda M. Thrasher

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