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Martin Michael Mulroy

Martin Mulroy (my dad) and Irene Yvonne MulroyAs we honor all of the incredible dads around the world, I have to brag about mine, Martin Michael Mulroy. I can not begin to tell you all of the sacrifices he has made for our family over the years, but I can describe a few.

A Royal British Marine (maybe saying that backwards) he learned the art of discipline at a very young age, he’s tried to teach us the same. As a young Marine, no kids of his own, he sent his paycheck home to his mother. He loved being a Marine, and like those before him, and currently, did fight for his country.

He moved our family all over England, each move better than the last. A job offer, family vote, and we eventually moved to the States. This move, of course, so that he could provide a better life for his children. He truly believed in the dream; still does, and taught me the same. Martin & Irene Mulroy (Dad & Mom)

An engineer by trade, this man I love so much, worked two jobs. One to pay our household bills, but the other to provide luxuries we didn’t even realize was a sacrifice for him: dance, music, and horse riding lessons. I can assure you, I didn’t know he was doing that for us until I was sixteen years old. My mom never mentioned it, and my dad never complained. Parents often remind their children how hard they work in order to provide a better life for their families. I’m certain I’ve been guilty of that myself, but my dad, he never said a word. Standing in the kitchen, while pouring a cup of tea, my mom softly asked me a question. “Amanda, where did you think he was going all of those years?” It had honestly never occurred to me that he was working a second job for our gifts of dance, music, and riding.

His expectations of what we were to do, always delivered with love, and I’m not kidding when I say he can fix anything in the world. These days it’s not unusual if he breaks the item first, but the frustration in his eyes, knowing his mind understands exactly what he’s supposed to do and his hands no longer cooperate, a gentle reminder of how much I appreciate him. He has taught me how to fix many household problems or things over the years.

We spend time together every Tuesday evening, our schedule never changes, neither do the westerns we watch. Though after today I shall not complain that I’ve seen the same ones  fifty thousand times 🙂 that’s OK. He’s still the only person in the world I can never tell no, and I still love his stories. Happy Fathers Day to all dads, all of them, but especially mine, Martin Michael Mulroy!

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