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There’s a Gator Under My Bed!

by Amanda M. Thrasher

by Amanda M. Thrasher

It takes a team to create a neat picture book: it’s a process. From the original idea, bringing the ink to life, turning  the story over to the illustrator, who’s skill puts life into the words, but there’s more. Many readers think the work stops there: they’re wrong. Author, Editor, Illustrator, BOOK DESIGNER, LAYOUT, production, and the rest. BOOK DESIGNER…What’s that?

A creative book designer can turn a regular picture book into a wonderful adventure for a child. Flat pages suddenly become three dimensional, as alligators jump out of the paper.  Chomp marks are left on the page, proof, something was eaten…um, could it possibly have been a toe?  A child suddenly wonders what could  happen next: understandably they’ll have to turn the page to see. “Read it again, mommy. ” The greatest words an author will receive reported in an email, message or letter, from the parents or guardians of our little readers or listeners.

We often recognize the authors, and illustrators have unique styles, but a great book designer, well, they can add a whole new dimension to the book, especially a picture book. It defiantly takes a team.

There’s a Gator Under My Bed! by Amanda M. Thrasher, Illustrated by Steve Daniels, Designed by Helm Digital Design, Published by Progressive Rising Phoenix Press


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