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Girl’s at play…What an incredible day!

Girl’s at play…What an incredible day!

I had an amazing weekend, though it was “choca block full” as my mother would have said. My girls are at an age where sleep over’s and play dates are a weekly occurrence; but I don’t mind, not one little bit! In addition to two soccer games and friends sleeping over, my girls had an extra day off. They each asked if they could have a friend spend another night and although I was tired from the nights before, I could hardly stand to refuse them. The weather the following day was going to be perfect and I knew exactly what we would do. High seventies, low eighties, day off, well that meant a picnic!

The evening went well! The girls had a Karaoke and a dance competition, loved it and so did they. We baked lots of cookies and of course we watched movies and popped pop corn too! A very fun filled evening complete with soda and junk food. As the girls crashed on the living room floor, I knew they were finally exhausted and ready to rest. I was certain they would sleep late the next morning but I was wrong; they were up at the crack of dawn. As I made coffee and prepared their breakfasts, I looked at their little faces and could tell that though I felt tired they were ready for more!

We loaded up the car, complete with ice-chest, toys, and books, actually come to think of it practically the entire kitchen sink and we headed to the lake. There wasn’t a single soul in sight; we had the whole thing to ourselves. The girls played and splashed at the water’s edge, they had a game of tag and kicked a ball. They even played baby dolls, which I have to tell you quite frankly shocked me and my friend, baby dolls…what? (They are usually tom boys). They played puppies, no surprise there, and ate. We were there for hours and they didn’t fight amongst themselves or complain even once.

As I listened to the girls play I couldn’t help but smile; listened to them, not only watch them play but listen to them as well. The sound of their laughter had filled the outdoor air and it was beautiful! Giggles, chants, songs and little tid bits of conversations; I actually found out many things that day that I didn’t know about the girls and their friends, nothing bad I just didn’t know them. They paced themselves without being told, resting when they felt tired and taking breaks to write, eat their snacks and draw. They drew and ate their snacks on the blanket next to me as I read. At one point I noticed my youngest daughter sitting all by herself on a rock right at the water’s edge, and I asked her if she were all right. You know how kids can be; get along for 10 minutes and not for 5 sometimes. Her response both pleased and amazed me, she’s eight. She said, “I’m fine mommy, I’m thinking before I write!” You have no idea how much I loved those words and I love words!

I took a photo of her right then capturing that moment forever, a moment in time that blew my mind as a mother first and writer second to that! I don’t know if that little daughter of mine will be a writer/author like me, artist or in theater but I do know this; she will be in the arts somewhere down the road, I can just feel it. Her imagination and creativity on a daily basis astonish me and I truly appreciate that in her.

I will never forget that day and I’m pretty sure my children and their friends won’t either and I am so glad they were able to join us. We had a fabulous time together as a group of family and friends in the most simplest of ways, a simple day at the lake.

Girls at play…What an incredible day!


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